Buy Cialis

There is no need for men who have erection issues as cialis drug is an answer to all sexual problems. A successful ED medicine, cialis is widely prescribed as they are safer than other Impotency drugs.

Like all impotency drugs, cialis also acts on the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are relaxed, the surge of blood in the penis region is augmented. Once more blood spreads to the penile region, the penis becomes hard and the hardness also remains for a long period.

How to take Cilais
Never use cilais after being advised from a friend. A doctor is a better person to advice on cialis drug. When consulting a doctor, make sure that you do not miss to inform him about all your health conditions. Only if the doctor has an overall view of your health conditions can he prescribe the exact drug and the exact dosage. Cialis, which can be taken with or without food, has to be taken 35 minutes ahead of sex. Once the drug is taken, you can have immense pleasure for around 36 hours.

Missed dose/overdose
How is it possible to miss a cialis drug? There is no question of missing cialis by a person who wants extra sexual pleasure. But care should be taken not to overdose as it can bring in many health complications. Fainting, irregular heart beat, vomiting and chest pain are some of the overdose problems that can come with cialis.

Some More Information
As said earlier, cialis should only b taken if the doctor has advised it. Once contacting the physician, you have to update him about all your allergic reactions and other health complications. Allergies to any food, substance or any medicine should be told. The doctor can only prescribe the right dosage if he is aware of all health conditions such as issues related to kidney, blood, liver and heart. Let the physician know if you are having angina, high or low blood pressure, Peyronie's disease and retinitis pigmentosa.

There are certain conditions when cialis should be avoided. The drug is avoided if you are already using drugs that contain nitrates. It is said so as mixing the two medicines can bring down the pressure to low levels.
Once you have been advised cialis, alcohol should be avoided. Grape juice and fruit is also asked to be avoided as these only add to the side effects.
Some say that cialis can lead to sudden vision loss. But this has not yet been proved. It has been seen that people who were diabetic and who had some vision problem and who had hypertension had come across vision loss after using cialis.

Some Side effects
Swelling, breathing problems and hives are some of the allergies that come with cialis.
Unexpected vision loss, ringing in ears, uneven heart rate, hearing loss, sweating, chest pain, nausea, pain in arms and shoulders, seizures and ill feeling are some of the overdose symptoms that a person can come across after using cialis. In any case, you have any uneasiness after using cialis, better do not delay in talking to your doctor.